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Saturday, November 17, 2018  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

Arak School of Rehabilitation

Arak University of Medical Sciences for training young and efficient manpower with the aim of providing services and improving individuals who suffering from mental disorders or physical illness have launched school of Rehabilitation in the Markazi province.
Educational groups:
Occupational Therapy major:
Occupational Therapy is a branch of Rehabilitation Sciences, which the therapist uses a series of activities, techniques, exercises, training, compensatory methods to realize the maximum potential of clients (who are mostly disabled people).
Audiology major:
Audiology major in the world dating back to World War ll . In Iran also this course is relatively new in the area of Health. Audiology means the recognition and investigation in the fields of hearing. Now the major in Iran accepting students up to MD.PhD degree. Audiology domain consists of a set of measures in line with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of hearings and balance systems. The main branches of audiology are diagnostic, clinical, industrial, rehabilitation and educational branches.
Speech Therapy major:
Speech therapy is one of the majors of medical sciences which lead to a bachelor’s degree. During this program students are familiar with speech and language and its role and importance in personal and social skills and learn communication development and its factors influencing.
School Dean:
Dr. mahbobe Khorsandi
Master of Occupational Therapy from Iran University of Medical Sciences
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