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Site Map

The chancellery:

·Office of Public Relations and International Affairs

· Statistic and Information Technology Office

· Protection Office

· Selection Office

· Office for inspection and complaints

· Office of Legal Affairs

· Charitable Health Society

· Shahed and Isargar Department

·Suggestions acceptance Council

The Vice-chancellery:

· Office of the vice-chancellor for Development

· Office of the vice-chancellor for Research and Education

· Office of the vice-chancellor for treatment

· Office of the vice-chancellor for Food and Drugs

· Office of the vice-chancellor for Health

· Office of the vice-chancellor for Student and Cultural Affairs


· Arak School of Medicine

· Arak School of Nursing and Midwifery

· Arak School of Para medicine

· Arak School of Health

· Saveh School of Nursing

· Khomein School of Nursing

· Arak School of Rehabilitation

· Arak School of Dentistry

Education and Treatment:






Imam Reza(A.S) polyclinic

Kosar(A.S) polyclinic

Vafajr hospital of Tafresh

Imam Jafar Sadegh(A.S) hospital of Delijan

Imam Ali(A.S)hospital of Komijan

Imam Khomeini hospital of Mahalat

Imam Khomeini hospital of Khomein

Imam Sajjad Hospital of Ashtiyan

Health Networks:

Arak Health Center

Saveh Health and Treatment Network

Khomein Health and Treatment Network

Zarandieh Health and Treatment Network

Shazand Health and Treatment Network

Ashtian Health and Treatment Network

Tafresh Health and Treatment Network

Delijan Health and Treatment Network

Mahalat Health and Treatment Network

Komijan Health and Treatment Network


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