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Friday, January 18, 2019  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

Thyroid Disorders Research Center of Arak University of Medical Sciences was established in March 2012 with the initiative of Dr. Afsaneh Talaei and with the aim of preventing, identifying, screening, diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases.                                                                         


The center intends to carry on its activities in compliance with all ethical norms as a major center of thyroid disease in the country and in the region and as one of the leading research centers in the world.                                                         

 This center knows its task to provide the most recent information, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the highest quality of laboratory in order to acquire knowledge and well-being of patients.                                                       

This center also acts to produce thyroid disease devices and appropriate kits in order to reach material independence to perform research projects.                                                  

For this purpose, the center aims to exchange information with the major Thyroid Research Centers in the world.                    

And with taking advantage of the latest knowledge, take a step towards serving the compatriots.                                         

Members of the Thyroid Disorders Research Center:                 

1.  Dr. Chehrei

2.  Dr. Dre

3.  Dr. Yousefi

4.  Dr. Javaheri

5.  Dr. Rakei

6.  Dr. Sedigh

7.  Dr. Talaei

8.  Dr. Rezvanfar

9.  Dr. Abdolrahim Sadeghi

10.                Dr. Gholestan por

11.                Dr.Anoshirvani

12.                Dr.Bordbar

13.                Dr.Fazeli

14.                Dr. Hasan por

15.                Dr. Daneshmand

16.                Mohseni Movahed


Thyroid disorders research center, educational floor, Amir-al-Momenin(A.S) hospital, Next to school of medicine, Basij Square, Enghelab square, Arak city.

Tel: 08634173630

Fax: 08634173630

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