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Monday, November 20, 2017  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

Statistics and Information Technology Office


Ever- growing need to real-time and correct information across the country for the University of Medical Sciences, in order to apply in health services office and also requirement for using new information technologies in management of health services, brought about offices of Statistics and Machinery Services which were separated and replaced with the name of Office of Statistics and IT at that moment.
This act caused that all of the subordinate units of the university enjoy the aforementioned services and also the new information technologies be applied for promotion of society’s level of health. With this thought and based on the ministerial duty, this office was formed in Arak University of Medical Sciences. For achieving such goals, this office gives the precedence for attaining proper hardware and software standards, mechanizing systems in the university, efficient information exchange, data refinement & compression, integrating statistical items and designing and implementation of related researches and studies. At this moment, this office with using of 6 statistical experts and 5 computer engineers have been able to take long steps for achieving its organizational goals in a short period of time, despite of  achieving  these goals, these objectives require continuing support and cooperation of different sections of university.


• Establishing a comprehensive statistical database of the Markazi Province University of Medical Sciences for better management and integration of informational structure at university and related units.

• Implementation of flow of statistic optimization and information plan, and extracting statistical and informational items of the Vice-chancelleries

• Responding to requests from the authorities of the University, the Ministry, Management and Planning Organization of the country, Governor General Office and other organizations.

• Promotion in statistical culture

• Empowerment of staff involved in collecting statistics cycle

• Reflecting Statistical information in the magazine, inserting news on the website and etc

• Research and study in the scope of statistics management

• Summing up information and statistics about health care facilities

• Summing up hospital activities statistics in all university hospitals

• Summing up statistics software clients of outpatient health centers

• Monitoring and reviewing information and technical assistance in preparing the forms and questionnaires and statistical methods

• Supervising and overseeing the selection, implementation and maintenance of hardware systems and software packages according to the needs of university

• Monitoring the activities of designers, analysts and network and database experts in creating facilities for the purpose of applying in required systems

• Studying and evaluation attained advance in the field of IT and hardware and software technology in order to promote proficiency and scientific capability of the University

• Making communication and coordination with other IT centers (The Ministry officials, Governor General Office, Telecommunication Company of Iran and other related organization

• Strategic studies in the context of comprehensive provincial information technology projects in health sector

• Analysis, design and implementation a comprehensive provincial network of information technology in health sector

• Development and optimization of existing networks and facilities to communicate with networks outside the university


6 statistical experts
5 computer engineers

Design and implementation by Statistics and Information Technology Office

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