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Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

Amirkabir Education and Treatment Center

This center as the oldest hospital in Arak founded in 1939 in 5 specialty : ENT, pediatrics, cardiovascular, psychiatry with 220 approved beds and 247 active bed as a educational and treatment center affiliated to Arak university of Medical Sciences, is serving to patients. Also interns in pediatrics, internal ward, Anesthesia, are carrying out activities in this center. This hospital is equipped with the only MRI facility supported by government finances accepts other neighborhoods provinces.


- Diagnostic services consists of laboratory, radiology, MRI, echo and exercise testing.

- Health care Services: disease treatment and serving to  patients  in the eye, ear, nose and throat, pediatrics, cardiology and psychiatry scopes.

- Emergency Services

- Outpatient services: visits patients by physicians in center’s specialty clinics in related fields

Educational and research services: this center with having faculties, experienced and qualified doctors and nurses and paramedical carries out activities for educating in the field Medical Education (General and Specialty), nursing, lab sciences m environmental health.

The number of staffs: 500

These staffs do their activities in the following fields:
Medical, nursing, laboratory science, microbiology, radiology, nutrition, environmental health, audiometry, Optometry, Psychology, Speech Therapy, Medical Records, Accounting and etc.
Mr. Ali Arjmand Shabestari

Executive Manager:
 Mr. Saeed Ebadi

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