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Saturday, January 20, 2018  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

Office of the Vice-chancellor for Recource and Management Development


This office is determined to work through: continuous improvement for conducting survey and recruiting skilled and competent manpower, empowerment of employees and preserving human resources, optimal usage of resources, assigning supporting tasks to non-governmental sectors and decreasing incumbency, supplying and maintenance of physical places by using effective and efficient methods, budget allocation in the form of plans and activities, supervising the operational costs and safeguarding properties. This office will do abovementioned subjects by reporting in regard to human dignity, law-orientation, justice-orientation, customer-orientation and seeking participation approaches, so that may facilitate attaining the goals of different units of university.



·         Developing and recommending policies, administrative and financial rules and regulations in the form of the desired goals of the university council

·         Monitoring the implementation of policies approved by the units of university

·         Studying and researching about policy of government and university for creating unions and to provide tools and opportunities for spiritual and material development of staff

·         Precise evaluation in detailed unions and forecasting manpower requirements and offering correctional suggestions for integrating and moving staff between units

·         In-service education and training programs in order to improve efficiency at different levels of career to provide a quality in services

·         Supervision and following up and expedite in the proper implementation of development projects and providing administrative facilities for their physical development

·         Close supervision on all domestic and foreign purchases

·         supervision on the general policy regarding employment and personnel plans and methods of reward and punishment and overtime

·         Tendering and contracting with consulting firms and contractors for development projects

·         Improvement of physical spaces

·         Proposing current & development budget for the definition in the country's annual budget


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