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Friday, January 18, 2019  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

The Charitable Health Society

The Holy Islam as a social school has recognized principles of collaboration and public liability in advancing eminence of social goals. Iranian’s people religious beliefs and patriotic zeal in the honorable history of this country has continuously supported poor and deprived people with considering human and moral principles.
Nowadays  all of the countries in the world, especially developed countries and developing ones pay so attention to hygiene and health and so that their most concise assistances is placed as creating healthy human environment  as their most preferred advertisement  and process.
The Islamic country of Iran as a supporter of pure Mohammadian Islam has considered the most significant duties of state bodies in promoting health, while following the teachings of Quran in the health domain, has been forerunner of prevention science and technology and social medicine in middle-east.
The association has been formed by considering social security and health for all of the Iranian’s people (Constitution – Article 29)  and providing necessary needs, and
In this regard, the association includes of independent legal, non-governmental and public works entity  and its financial resources consists of public’s participation, endowment properties,  entailment,  donation, testament and etc. governmental assistance and other domestic and foreign financial resources.
The goals of the association are:

• Effort to identify, manage and attract benefactors in Health domain

• Planning for the advertisement and culture-making  in order to attract benefactors and public’s assistance for health promotion of the country

• Collaboration in managing, assisting and developing programs of educational, therapeutic and research centers

• Being in contact with international charity organizations in health domain

• Effort to provide financial resources by : taking out loans, governmental assistance, public’s assistance especially from benefactors residing inside and outside the country and assistances from international organizations

• Effort to coordinate and also legal and moral support in charity institutions  in health domain.

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