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Saturday, January 19, 2019  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

Prevention and fight against diseases:

The group tries to plan technical quality of services available in health system in a way that the offered services are effective also in a way that its utilization becomes safe and have permanent impact and also the community be able to pay its expenses.  The group tries to do epidemiologic evaluation of infectious and non-communicable diseases.
By monitoring disease status in community , the status of emerging and re-emerging diseases can be considered and do its best for programming, organizing, monitoring and evaluating, navigating, decision-making, creativity and innovation and getting community’s cooperation for obtaining a good coverage.


Supervising current activities of affiliated townships of university and visiting them

Collecting and analyzing statistics of diseases and sending feedbacks to environmental levels and management centers of disease

Holding educational workshops for affiliated townships and participating in national workshops

Implementing intervention programs and national plans

Design and implementation by Statistics and Information Technology Office

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