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Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت
Strengthening Health sector, with public participation is possible/ Health has become a national and public concern in society
The need for serious attention to health in policymaking of executive devices/ with development and progress of society, threats in Health sector become more serious and the means of coping with it has become more complex
The motto of the 2018 Health Week was announced.
Establishment of Markazi province food security document is on the agenda/ Health is a major issue that preserve it alone is beyond university of medical sciences control
Non-communicable diseases are the main health threat in the Markazi province
Increase 500 beds to Vali Asr Hospital beds
Amir-al-Momenin (A.S) hospital is the largest and the best treatment site in Markazi pronivce/ given the current situation, we hope to have a good leap in the treatment sector in the next two years
Markazi province faces shortage of hospital beds/Vali asr hospital project has about 62 physical progress
Volunteering of 1780 Health volunteers in Markazi province
  • Monday 1/22/2018 Volunteering of 1780 Health volunteers in Markazi province
    Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor on the occasion of Day of the Health volunteers, said More than 1780 Health volunteers of Arak University of Medical Sciences work in 88 Health centers, 276 Health house and 87 comprehensive Health centers to promote health concepts and develop healthy behaviors in the Markazi province.
Assigning credit to complete the new building of Vali Asr(A.s) hospital in Arak as soon as possible/ The necessity of building a burn hospital in Markazi province
Login Arak University of Medical Sciences to the ESI rating system
Mental healthcare in 675 thousand and 314 Electronic health records of Markazi province
Appointment of deputy supervisor of Recourse and Management Development of Arak University of Medical Sciences
Medicines and Health products are labeled with authentication control
Investing in healthcare sector is weak/ Investing in construction of private hospitals is valuable
Visit of Minister of Health and Medical Sciences from new building of Vali-Asr (A.s) hospital of Arak city
33 projects will be opened during the visit of the Minister of Health and Medical Education in Markazi province
Infertility treatment clinics in Markazi province is ready for opening/ 50 percent advance of new building of Vali Asr(A.s)hospital.
Operation of children’s Oncology section of Amir Kabir Education and treatment center of Arak city
Mental Health is an essential component in health-oriented strategies in Markazi province
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