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Saturday, May 26, 2018  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت
Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor: Infertility treatment clinics in Markazi province is ready for opening/ 50 percent advance of new building of Vali Asr(A.s)hospital. Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor said that infertility treatment clinics in Markazi province is ready for opening; the equipment of clinic will be delivered the next few days and after equipment deployment activities of this center begins.

According to WebDa Markazi report, Dr. Hasan Taher Ahmadi in the forty-second session of the Working Group on the health and food security of Markazi province held at the conference Hall of Arak University of Medical Sciences, referring to the measures taken in the field of province health, said: “since one of the main causes of divorce and many other social problems are infertility of couples and 15 to 20 percent of couples are infertile for various reasons and also the costs of infertility treatment is very heavy and due to being worker in Markazi province, this group for their infertility treatment are having problems therefore with the efforts was made, Infertility treatment clinics in the public sector is ready to open”.   

Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor stated that also in the hospitals sector, Ayatollah Khansari Education and Treatment center with a capacity of 96 beds will be operational next two to three months and the problems of cancer patients in shortage of inpatient beds, is reduced.

“140 health projects in villages are also underway that from 6 months ago they started work and 40% of these projects are now implemented” Dr. Taher Ahmadi said.

He pointed to non-communicable diseases and said that the average of non- communicable diseases burden in the world is 53 percent but this figure in Iran is 76 percent that we are 23 percent higher than the world and two factors of increasing these diseases in Iran are due to lack of healthy nutrition and lack of physical activity.

Arak University of Medical Sciences chancellor stating that one of the things that produced unhealthy food is using chemical fertilizers; said” Many products sold as organic with a very high price that must be monitored whether the product is organic or not, and a way to differentiate the products offered to the citizens”.

At the end Dr. Taher Ahmadi stated that eleventh government in Health sector evolution program; 11 thousand people are covered by health insurance and one of the important tasks is insuring foreign citizens that has cards.


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