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Friday, June 22, 2018  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت
Investing in healthcare sector is weak/ Investing in construction of private hospitals is valuable Minister of Health and medical Education said that investing in the healthcare sector is weak and investors don’t welcome because they are not economically viable.

According to WebDa Markazi report, Dr. Seyed Hassan Ghazizade Hashemi at the opening ceremony of Sina private hospital (160 beds) of Arak city stated that work in the health sector is very difficult and others who are not in this area, their judgments are not accurate.                                                

"Investment in Health sector is very difficult process and if investment in this area was cost-effective, investors would welcome and they will have strong presence" he added.                                                               

Ministry of Health and Medical Education stated that we expect to increase participation in the construction of private hospitals in the province where the level of health care services should be much higher so we can open several private hospitals in this province.                                                                         

The Minister of Health and Medical Education continued:"We are trying to add one thousand beds to hospital beds of Markazi province next year and by following up governor-general and representatives of province this can be realized".  

"About the supply of crushing and nuclear medicine equipment of Markazi province also it is necessary that the University of Medical Sciences perform follow-up and Ministry of Health will also provide the necessary assistance and cooperation" he added.                                                                            


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