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Saturday, January 19, 2019  
Persian | خانه تماس با ما نقشه سایت

Vice-chancellor for Social affairs of Minister of Health and Medical Education in Arak said that; The need for serious attention to health in policymaking of executive devices/ with development and progress of society, threats in Health sector become more serious and the means of coping with it has become more complex Vice-chancellor for Social affairs of Minister of Health and Medical Education in Arak said that the executive devices should adopt policies that, while developing and progressing the country, will also pay close attention to the health issue.

According to WebDa Markazi report, Dr. Ali Asghar  Farshad in the first Health forum of Arak city added that  in the 60s, provision of basic health services that catered to the minimum health needs was a priority while we are witnessing today, the socialization of the health system of the country is a priority of the government.


"In the past, the development of health networks in different areas was a means of providing basic health services, and in today's society, with the socialization of health, we need to be aware of the operational tool" he stated.

He said that the adoption of policies of devices in the implementation of programs aimed at achieving development plays an important role in health, and the importance of health must be taken into account along with sustainable development measures.

Political, Security and Social affairs deputy of governor general of Markazi province also emphasized on improving the health literacy of families and said" Informing and familiarizing various sector of society about the harmful effects of unhealthy and non-standard food plays an important role in providing health to the community.

Fattollah Haghighi added food security document is a roadmap for health-related issues that ensures the health of the province's food cycle, which is being drafted in the 6 months of this year and communicated to the relevant authorities for implementation.

"Access to healthy food and principled oversight of the production cycle from farm to table is central to the province's food security document and health goals can be achieved by institutionalizing the bio-patterns, food behaviors, and self-care in the community" he stated.

Political, Security and Social affairs deputy of governor general of Markazi province said that the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and university of medical sciences has only 20% share in the implementation of health system programs, and 80% of it is related to other devices and different strata of the population.

Haghighi  described the country's concern and problem today as non-communicable diseases and added" The underlying causes of these diseases are not systematic nutrition principles".

He said that more than 50% of the populations are overweight which results in non-transmissible diseases.

The governor of Arak city said that Agricultural Jihad has been entrusted with the provision of pesticides and fertilizers as a trustee for agricultural production in agricultural production, and it is necessary to enter the field of careful monitoring of agricultural products.

The governor of Arak city stated that at the community level, non-communicable diseases can be controlled and the major cause of these diseases is inappropriate food consumption and feeding the wrong way.

At the end Dr.Bakhtiyari said that despite the idea that Arak air pollution is a cancer risk factor, gastrointestinal diseases are a significant part of the cause of cancer in Arak, which is closely linked to the continuous consumption of ready-to-eat food.


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